Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Implementation

Design your organisational path to success.

The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ is a powerful framework built on best practices developed from decades of research containing tools, resources and processes needed to build systemic talent management within your organisation.

The logical starting point is to attend the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ certification course. This will give you a comprehensive overview of your options and enable you to develop a vision, plan and business strategy for what you want to achieve with your competency model.

For example, you may want to define competencies that are essential for your people at all levels to deliver the strategic goals of the business, build leadership capability or improve your success rate in hiring people from outside.

Once you are certified, you should give some thought to how you are going to implement your newly acquired knowledge. How ready are your people to adopt new practices? Do you need to make a solid business case and win them over to your ideas? Do they want a thorough, detailed plan or do they prefer a quick, practical solution?

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect

At LDN International, we have worked with these tools over several years and our team has an unparalleled depth of expertise in their application. Observing those who have successfully introduced competencies, we notice that they:

  • Treat their implementation as a project and plan, organise and measure progress.
  • Engage others in the initiative and assign them roles and responsibilities.
  • Source external assistance to supplement their in-house capacity and capability.
  • Tailor their approach to their people and culture.
  • Develop a communication plan for all stakeholder groups.
  • Set realistic time frames so they don’t overload people. 

Korn Ferry Digital

An important consideration when you get started will be what tools you need, how many and in what format. You can purchase the card deck, books and research guides that you are familiar with on the online Korn Ferry Product Store.

They are also available in an online platform that gives you a single point of access to Korn Ferry’s product suite known as Korn Ferry Digital. Previously called the Talent Hub, a subscription to Korn Ferry Digital, allows you to find resources ready to use or edit to suit your needs, and to download the content to your organisation’s intranet.

korn ferry leadership architect