Executive Coaching

Coaching 21st century leaders

In today’s uncertain business world, leaders must navigate ways to keep their businesses on track and build adaptability in the face of change. In this situation, an experienced executive coach helps a leader reframe issues, change their mindset and challenge their assumptions while offering feedback and encouragement.

Some leaders seek executive coaching to achieve specific goals or find new ways to deal with tough challenges; others want to optimise their performance, realise their full potential, or advance their careers. Whatever their motivation, LDN International is well-equipped to offer high-impact executive coaching.

Our unique approach

Our approach to coaching is shaped by three core elements of our experience:

  • We have worked extensively to develop leadership capability models that drive organisational performance, giving us deep insight into the competencies that leaders at all levels need to reach their personal and professional goals.
  • By drawing on some of the world’s finest leadership assessment and development tools, we have helped leaders identify and target their most significant development opportunities and create highly effective strategies for improvement.
  • Over the last decade, we have coached executives in over twenty countries worldwide. As a result, we have built on our innate curiosity to understand the unique challenges of individuals in diverse organisations, cultures, and geographies.

Therefore, our offering as executive coaches is to take an open-minded approach where we consider the whole person in the context of their environment to support them in achieving their objectives.

What you can expect

When you work with an LDN International coach, you will have a confidential and supportive conversation that puts you and your aspirations at the heart of the engagement. You will then agree on the next steps and work through a proven process to achieve your goals.

Our process ensures mutual understanding of the coaching’s purpose and desired outcomes from the outset. We may suggest some assessments or gather input from your key stakeholders.

Your coach will help you step back, observe yourself clearly and objectively, and craft a development plan that you can integrate into your work routine. We encourage reflection and deliberate practice as you monitor your progress towards your goals.

Coaching engagements are typically scheduled over a specific duration. The timing and frequency of coaching sessions will be structured to suit your schedule and offer ‘ad hoc’ coaching in response to specific issues as they arise.

Executive Assessments

Our LDN International coaches take pride in offering a comprehensive executive coaching process tailored to the unique needs of each leader we work with. To ensure a successful coaching journey, we may suggest implementing a variety of assessments or seek input from key stakeholders. This inclusive approach helps us gain a holistic view of your leadership style, strengths, and areas for development.

To provide the highest quality insights, we draw on some of the world’s finest leadership assessments. These tools are scientifically validated and recognised for their ability to produce accurate and actionable data. By leveraging these assessments, we can pinpoint specific behaviours and competencies that align with your professional goals and organisational objectives.

Our goal is to empower you with the self-awareness and strategic guidance needed to elevate your leadership capabilities to new heights. With our expert coaching and the rich data from these assessments, you’ll be equipped to make informed decisions on your development and lead with greater confidence and impact.

Our coaches

LDN International coaches are business-oriented people who understand the realities of organisational life and the challenges leaders face in times of complexity and change. As a result, they are confident to probe for your fundamental concerns or issues and to explore them appropriately.

Recognising the importance of science in coaching, they have undertaken ongoing professional training in various disciplines, including results-based leadership, conversational intelligence, neuroscience, personality, emotional intelligence and learning agility.

They also know there is an art to great coaching and are ready to respond creatively to each person’s needs. This flexibility matters because people are at different stages in their lives and careers and face goals and challenges that are unique to their business environment.

With over twenty years of combined coaching experience, they consistently demonstrate the interpersonal sensitivity, assertiveness, and positivity to inspire you to develop new and more effective behaviours.

Next Step

We invite you to reach out for a confidential discussion to explore the ways in which we can support you in the achievement of your personal and professional development goals through coaching. Please call LDN International on +61 3 9666 3320 or email us at

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