Korn Ferry

Design your organisational path to success.

LDN International is a well-established member of Korn Ferry’s Global Associate Network of independent consultants, having worked with the Leadership Architect™ for two decades.

Following our early start with Lominger International, the original publisher of the Leadership Architect™, we have been part of its growth and development since it was acquired by Korn Ferry in 2007.

We are in regular and frequent contact with Korn Ferry thought leaders and the research & development teams in the USA, which allows us to stay current with updates and new product releases.

As a Master Associate firm and a member of Korn Ferry’s client education faculty, we have accredited thousands of people globally in the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ to enable them to attract, retain and develop top talent.

In addition, we work alongside some of the world’s leading organisations implementing many of Korn Ferry’s tools to assess and develop leaders in the skills and capabilities that matter. These include:

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™

Based on decades of research and best practice, the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ is a powerful competency framework containing tools, resources and processes needed to build systemic talent management within your organisation.

You can implement all 38 competencies or create a tailored model to align your talent strategy with your business strategy. 

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Implementation

The Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ is used to create success profiles for jobs and development strategies for individuals at all levels in an organisation.

It is also used in interviewing, leadership development, career planning, succession management and performance reviews.

At LDN International, we have worked with these tools over several years and our team has an unparalleled depth of expertise in their application.

Korn Ferry Certification

As a Korn Ferry Master Associate firm, we are authorised to conduct certification training in Korn Ferry products.

We have been privileged to work with many forward-thinking leaders and human resource professionals globally  on maximising the effectiveness of their people.

When you attend an LDN facilitated certification workshop you will have access to the years of experience and creative input of your facilitators and will be able to discuss your ideas with your professional peers.

Korn Ferry Master Associate Firm

We are independent consultants that can help guide you through implementation of the Leadership Architect suite of tools.

Our team at LDN International have diverse backgrounds and expertise in a wide variety of areas both within organisations and as consultant practitioners.