Every leader needs a clear understanding of where he or she stands now on the leadership skills that matter most for personal and professional success. 

A comprehensive assessment of executive leadership capability has three key components. 

First, an appraisal of personality characteristics specific to leadership performance is a powerful indicator of an individual’s ability to build teams and shape organisational culture.

Second, an evaluation of leadership agility reveals how flexible, adaptable and resourceful a leader is likely to be in the face of the demands of their role and changing business environment.

Third, an accurate review of leadership strengths and limitations achieved through multi-rater feedback is a powerful way to identify the best opportunities to increase effectiveness in job performance and stakeholder management.

Assessments can be used alone or in combination with each other to bring a clear focus to development conversations with managers and support career planning.

Leadership Style

Personality predicts natural leadership style

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An understanding of personality and how it influences leadership style is important for those who lead organisations and for those who are responsible for developing organisational leadership, improving culture and employee engagement and building effective teams.
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Learning Agility

Increasing need for learning agility

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Learning agility has never been more topical or relevant. Given constant churn in the world of business and the impact of the global virus pandemic on work and daily life, it's critical for leaders everywhere to elevate their ways of thinking about and acting on their greatest challenges to achieve sustained success.
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360 Degree Feedback

Self-awareness is one of the most critical elements of success in life and work.

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Knowing what we are good at and not so good at provides a foundation for understanding how we can grow, develop and take on new challenges. Calibrating our own view with the perspectives of others can enable us to be more effective now and in the future.
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Leadership Potential

The indicators of leadership potential

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Leadership potential is about what could be at some point in the future, rather than what is currently. The inference here is that we need to know what that future is and what will be required. Only then can we make an accurate prediction about person's leadership potential.
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