Identify the skills needed to achieve youar strategic goals.

Leaders and organisations everywhere face the need to adapt to new realities in the complex and changing business environment of 2020 and beyond.

This calls for a fresh approach to leadership. Whilst the essence of good leadership may remain, the skills that matter most in this context are undergoing a fundamental shift.

LDN International provides a proven process for identifying what those critical skills are. With a library of well-researched competencies, we help organisations identify the skills people need to achieve their objectives.

To build the kind of dynamic workforce that holds its value over time, it’s essential to define the right set of competencies that will determine overall organisational capability. The two are inextricably linked together.

A robust competency framework, that can be refreshed as business needs evolve, offers tremendous value for all aspects of short and long-term talent acquisition and development.

Success Profiles

Defining what success looks like for your leaders

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Success Profiles are fundamental to your organisation's business and talent strategies because they connect the capability of your people with business goals and outcomes.
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Capability Framework

Ensure your people are ready for the future

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Organisations strive to deliver their goals in fluid and rapidly changing business conditions. The task for leaders is to create an effective business strategy and put the right systems and processes in place to implement it. These are two fundamentals of business success. And a third ties them together - people.
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Organisational Development

Build organisational capability to fuel your success

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A key leadership responsibility is to have a very clear knowledge of what your organisation does well today and what it needs to do well in the future to achieve your strategic and tactical goals. With this information, you can deal with any gaps that may hold your business back.
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