Korn Ferry Certification

Acquire the expertise you need to optimise talent.

As a Korn Ferry Master Associate firm, we are authorised to conduct certification and training in Korn Ferry products.

Not only do we teach HR practitioners and others how to implement the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ tools, but we also apply them ourselves in the course of our work. We are often called on to collaborate with our clients or take on projects on their behalf. 

We have been privileged to work with many forward-thinking leaders and human resource professionals on maximising the effectiveness of their people.

When you attend an LDN facilitated certification or training course, you will have access to the years of experience and creative input of your facilitators and will be able to discuss your ideas with your professional peers.

Certification Courses

Korn Ferry certification courses equip HR and OD practitioners with the powerful, research-based tools and assessments needed to align their talent strategy with their business strategy.

We offer Korn Ferry certification courses as private in-house programs. To enquire about the options please contact LDN International.

Please note that we do not provide certification training for independent consultants.

Course Delivery

We are currently offering organisations Korn Ferry certification courses delivered in a mix of eLearning and virtual online sessions.

Competency-based Courses

Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ Certification

Built on best practices and decades of research, Korn Ferry Leadership Architect™ offers the most powerful framework available today. Learn how to implement all 38 competencies or a tailored model within your organisation to align your business strategy with your talent strategy.

This course is delivered as an in-house program.  Read more.

To enquire about this Korn Ferry course, please contact LDN International.

Korn Ferry 360 Certification

Korn Ferry 360 (KF360) gives employees a more thorough understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and development opportunities. Become recognised as a certified feedback coach to interpret KF360 assessment results and deliver meaningful feedback for people in your organisation.

This course is delivered as an in-house program. Read more.

To enquire about this Korn Ferry course, please contact LDN International.

Assessment-based Courses

Korn Ferry Leadership Potential Solution

This course introduces you to a range of topics relating to the assessment, identification, and development of High Potential Talent. This includes the business case for identifying High Potential, associated best practices, and a common language to speak about Talent in your organisation.

You will also explore the research methodology and science behind High Potential assessment, examining areas such as reliability, validity, scoring, and impacts. The coaching structure, process, and flow will also be studied and practiced.

This course is conducted as an in-house program. There are no pre-requisites for this course.

To enquire about this Korn Ferry course, please contact LDN International.