Case Study

Individual leader development

Global manufacturer


This global organisation has an agreed set of competencies for all executive and senior management positions as part of its strategic approach to leadership development. The next step was to initiate a 360-degree assessment so that leaders could align their development efforts with the skills deemed most critical to the success of its business.


Working closely with key internal stakeholders and with the input of the managing director, LDN International customised its Korn/Ferry’s Voices 360-degree survey to match the organisation’s global model, and then refined it further to complement the Australian environment.

On a quarterly basis over the next 18 months, participants undertook the survey and were debriefed in a private feedback session by a skilled LDN International coach.

A further follow-up telephone conversation was held to ensure that areas for development were clearly defined and then, with the participant’s agreement, a structured three way discussion was held between the participant, their manager and the LDN coach. This allowed the manager’s input into the best development opportunities for effectiveness in the current role and beyond.


In a regular and unobtrusive way, a large number of participants completed the survey and were debriefed. Areas for development were identified and participants’ managers were well engaged in the development process.With the emphasis on the need to develop people despite cost constraints, a highly effective and cost effective outcome was reached. There was an added benefit for the managers themselves as the process enabled them to hone their observation and feedback skills.

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