Our Team

Marie Dunshea

Client Services Manager

Marie’s professional journey commenced as a management trainee at a leading retailer, where she swiftly ascended to various operational and managerial roles across department stores and specialty retail environments, honing her expertise in recruitment, training, and development.

During her tenure with a prominent industry association, Marie served as the administrator of the training division, where she played a pivotal role in enhancing workforce capabilities through innovative training initiatives.

At LDN International, Marie fulfills a critical role as a program manager, offering invaluable support to the consulting team. Her diverse responsibilities encompass coordinating both individual and large-scale projects, ensuring adherence to timelines and deliverables, conducting comprehensive research, and fostering direct client relationships demonstrating her proficiency in project management.

In addition to overseeing the LDN office operations, Marie spearheads the development of robust administration systems for new projects, significantly contributing to the enhancement of LDN’s talent assessment, feedback, and coaching services, along with its ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.

Marie’s commitment to professional growth is evident through her participation in various development courses, including Interaction Management and Time Management. Furthermore, she has completed Korn Ferry Leadership Architect® certification programs, underscoring her dedication to continuous improvement and excellence.

With a Diploma in Management and certification as a qualified trainer, holding a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, Marie brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to LDN International, making her an invaluable asset to the organisation’s success.