Our response to coronavirus

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to evolve, LDN International is taking steps to keep our team members, valued clients and friends and the broader community safe and well.

We are following the World Health Organisation guidelines on workplace health, safety and hygiene practices, including social distancing. We are limiting our travel to business-critical local journeys and from Monday 23 March, meetings with clients will be held virtually until further notice.

In keeping with our business routine over the last year, we are maintaining our flexible working policy and will be using well-equipped home offices to stay connected with local and global clients across different times zones.

It’s business as usual for:

Executive Coaching – over the last six years we have coached leaders in more than 20 countries around the world. We are very pleased to have a proven, reliable virtual meeting platform that provides top quality audio, video, screen sharing and writing technology for a great user experience.

Assessment and Feedback – our range of assessments, from leadership capability and style to agility and potential, are fully available online. One-on-one debriefs are scheduled at convenient times for participants and three-way roundtable follow-up meetings with their manager and feedback coach are also held online.

A new approach for:

Certification Courses – we have embraced a new way to deliver the kind of group learning in the Korn Ferry solutions that many of you have experienced with us and continue to leverage. In May 2020, we will launch Korn Ferry-approved online certification courses in an engaging way that enables participants to interact with each other virtually.

Training Courses – some of you have taken advantage of the workshops we have developed for HR business partners and managers to successfully apply the Leadership Architect™ resources into performance and development discussions. Our plan is to convert these to our interactive, online platform so you can keep leadership development up and running over the next few months.

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